Outfit 9/19


My camera Stayed in her bag, and my phone.. it was intentionally not charged; technology hinders you from fully experiencing moments… I was to busy recording videos in my head, with All my five senses. You know, some magick cannot be documented. Only seen with your third eye… forcing All your senses to combine and your body becomes Still


Gifted-Vintage Bodysuit, Handmade Belt Designed by Me, Gifted-Vintage Pearl Belt worn as Shawl, Nadia’s Hat, Vintage Boots

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Temecula, CA

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Call me Kali, The Divine Mother/ I thrive off of Chaos, caused by our fascination with Destruction/ But My.. My fascination ties directly to Recreation, by Deconstructing physical structures to Recreate them into beliefs, that encompasses the truths we seek/ Constantly questioning, how do we rid our suffering? ¬† / ¬†With Simplicity My Dear, We Are One/ I Am Her, She is Me, We Are Kali / So I open my legs, my heart, my arms, my mouth, my mind.. to Receive ALL, YOU, Him, him/ Shiva.. Sunru, Can’t you see I am the darkness and you are my light, my Sun, my Son / We Are Unaffected by Illusion/ Your Presence is a Great purifying power/ In your Presence One cannot deny the innate feeling to let go / Deconstructing the demon of Ignorance / My Consort, You Arouse my dormant energies / You allow my mind to experience Pure joy / You reach the deepest, darkest pits inside of me / We Are Fully Immersed / Our Intercourse is so Strong that others are now able to feel Kama, Our Love is so intense that it shocks the cosmos and frightens our gods / We solved the age-old mystery of creation.. Creation is the act of love / So I stand tall upon your chest, exposed / My sexualized femininity is the Bright Fire of Truth, which Cannot be hidden by these clothes of Ignorance / I am the spectrum of opposites / I symbolize the wholeness of life: life and death, beauty and ugliness, motherliness and destruction¬†

“Give Praise” written by me


Vintage swimsuit, second-hand skirt, Handmade headband, Handmade bag, Vintage and second-hand jewelry, Urban Outfitters sandals