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lost photos



Call me Kali, The Divine Mother/ I thrive off of Chaos, caused by our fascination with Destruction/ But My.. My fascination ties directly to Recreation, by Deconstructing physical structures to Recreate them into beliefs, that encompasses the truths we seek/ Constantly questioning, how do we rid our suffering?   /  With Simplicity My Dear, We Are One/ I Am Her, She is Me, We Are Kali / So I open my legs, my heart, my arms, my mouth, my mind.. to Receive ALL, YOU, Him, him/ Shiva.. Sunru, Can’t you see I am the darkness and you are my light, my Sun, my Son / We Are Unaffected by Illusion/ Your Presence is a Great purifying power/ In your Presence One cannot deny the innate feeling to let go / Deconstructing the demon of Ignorance / My Consort, You Arouse my dormant energies / You allow my mind to experience Pure joy / You reach the deepest, darkest pits inside of me / We Are Fully Immersed / Our Intercourse is so Strong that others are now able to feel Kama, Our Love is so intense that it shocks the cosmos and frightens our gods / We solved the age-old mystery of creation.. Creation is the act of love / So I stand tall upon your chest, exposed / My sexualized femininity is the Bright Fire of Truth, which Cannot be hidden by these clothes of Ignorance / I am the spectrum of opposites / I symbolize the wholeness of life: life and death, beauty and ugliness, motherliness and destruction 

“Give Praise” written by me


Vintage swimsuit, second-hand skirt, Handmade headband, Handmade bag, Vintage and second-hand jewelry, Urban Outfitters sandals



2 thoughts on “lost photos

  1. Joe Lewis says:

    I give praise.. to your expression of words that inspire to join-unite in recreation…recreate with the fire of truth that is Kali. Dig the style …the vintage roaring recreation of a summer day, sweet sexy mosquito bites on the legs, mysterious power in that head band. i give praise ;) More poetry…por favor..

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